USA & Canada Reisbeurs

The largest consumer travel fair of North America in the Netherlands

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th November 2023

During this 10th travel fair, travel organisations inform and inspire the visitors about the countless travel opportunities North America has to offer. The event will be staffed by representatives from tourism boards, travel organisations, airlines, train operators, car- and motorhome rental companies. To deliver an additional boost for your product during the travel fair, there are opportunities to provide presentations for the visitors.  

For more information and the suppliers list of 2022, do visit our website There is also a special Facebook page.

Target audience

Over the years we attract around 1800 consumers from all over the country, to gather information and book their next trip. By participating in this event, you will have an opportunity to get in touch with a large group of potential customers. Surveys among suppliers have shown large numbers of enquiries and bookings in the period following the travel fair.
The target audience pre-registered online and pay a minor entrance fee. History has shown that advance registration improves the commitment to attend and that it leads to a serious targeted audience.
Often they have decided already that they wish to travel to the USA or Canada in the near future. Many of them have done the groundwork via the Internet or via ‘social influencers’.

The travel fair is decorated in a North American atmosphere. In front of the hotel two campers will be showcased in which the consumers can look. During the weekend consumers can attend free presentations of the different destinations.

The website is a portal for all participants aimed at the consumers attending the USA & Canada travel fair. The website is constantly updated.

Watch this movie to take a peak of the fair:


  • ITN Marketing is responsible for all aspects of the organization.
  • For more information and registration suppliers contact