Take care off the complete organisation

Think outside the box

Event Management

We will bring your product or theme to life, so it becomes an experience for everyone. An (b2b or b2c) event is a natural opportunity for the exhibitor to establish real contact with his or her visitors.

Each year, we demonstrate considerable enthusiasm and dedication in organising a series of different events; some are new, others we have been organising for ten years, but we guarantee to provide refreshing elements, every time…We take care of all the planning, coordination and organisation of your bespoke event, for your product or destination. The added value we deliver to our clients is based on our carefully built-up network and our experience in this industry.

What types of event can we organise?

Product presentations, workshops, roadshows, b2b and b2c events, training sessions, scholarships, educational travel, meetings and conferences, often based on an appropriate theme.

Our events focus on the travel industry and the consumer market, for between ten and several thousand visitors. Every year we organise three recurring events; the USA&Canada Trade Fair for the consumer market in Bussum and in Eindhoven (b2c) and the USA Canada Experience (b2b).